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Iceland 2010

Magnús Guðbergur Jónsson (25) is from Iceland and is representing Iceland in Worldwilde Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 25

Hobbies: I train a lot and I instruct some classes which helps people get fit and healthier. I try to keep my body fit and healthy. I travel a lot every year. Mostly to Mexico and the Nordic countries.

Profession: I work as a steward and I study photo and design.

My role model: Both my mother and my grandfather are my role models. My mom is one of those single moms that has fought for herself and her kids. She has thought me how to respect other people and most of all myself. She has shown me that to be gay is more a gift then a sin.  She shows me every day that she is proud of me and that makes me more proud of her. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I told her that I was afraid of growing up.  She told me “When you grow up and get married to a woman or a man, I’ll always be there for you, just in case” and then she smiled. So I’m thankful for that she has the understanding of that being gay is nothing bad, I’m also glad that I remember that incident.

My other role model is my grandfather. He has thought me how to respect the nature and be thankful for what I got. He also showed me that all good things come to the end and that’s why you should admire them and take care of them while you got it. Never think of your love ones as a thing that you can just use and exchange for another.

Both of them have thought me that family, friends, culture and nature is something worth fighting for and respecting people is something worth giving.

Dream date: I am a romantic freak. If there is just a dust of romance in the air, I’ll see it. So, the more romance is more dreamy for me.

Favorite moment in life:
- Realizing that my mom was the Santa Clause.
- Giving my grandmother a hug at her job.
- Out bird watching with grandfather.
- Meeting my Mexican family for the first time.
- Seeing the pyramids.
- The day I told my family I was gay.
- Getting my first puppy.
- My first love.
- Birth of my little brother.
- First day on my job as a steward.
- Tivoli trip with my sister.
- Helping a stranger in need.
- My second love.
- Mr. Gay Europe 2009
- Realizing that I’m finally grown up.
- Realizing THAN AGAIN that you can never be grownup if you don’t take life too seriously
- Doing stupid and fun thinks with my friends.
- Making a fool out of myself.
I can go on and on and on

Zodiac: Gemini

Marital status: Don't wanna tell...

Statement: For a long time I’ve really wanted to help the gay community as much as I can. I have some ideas of how I can get to my goal. For me it’s all about helping someone else that has not had as good experience on being gay like me. When I was in Mr. Gay Europe I found out that it is possible to make serious undertakings in to a fun way to help more people. And for me personally I think, meeting new people around the world will help me do that - to help people on my way.













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