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Diamonds in the rough

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The last days WMG has received several emails from media and others who seem to be concerned about the past of some of our Delegates.

Very few people on this planet are a “gemstone” at birth. It may take some time with training and experience to get where we want – a diamond in the rough just looks like a lump of salt – not showing its real potential. WMG recognize something very valuable and precious within our Delegates, and as diamonds do not cut themselves, sometimes each Delegate has to work hard to make good things happen and to get to where he wants to be.

The Worldwide Mr. Gay organization wants to ensure everyone that we too are aware that everyone has a past, We are however not a Miss Universe-competition where the Delegates have to be unmarried virgins. Our Delegates are real men – and sometimes the past is not perfect!

Worldwide Mr. Gay (WMG) is an organization that empowers men to realize their full potential. And we are a family that stands by our men!

WMG is determined to help stop the vicious cycle of Adult Entertainment Companies that exploit young men (or humans in general) which propitiates negative stereotypes, discrimination, human rights abuses, mental & physical threats and intimidation within the Adult Entertainment industry including prostitution.  

We have heard heartbreaking stories from several of our Delegates about exploitation, violence and discrimination. Being a proud gay man is still a tough task in today’s World.

Young gay men are vulnerable in many different facets within our society, when they come out as gay to friends and family, colleges and society in general. The gay man may lose his social network including friends, family and colleges therefore being left vulnerable and alone.

Sometimes within the gay scene there are opportunists who easily identify these men and introduce them into a false sense of security by promising them a better life and freedom within the Adult Entertainment Industry in which exploitation may result.  

Our organization embraces those men that have found the courage to “escape” the exploitation in an effort to find a better life and support organization. We realize that sometimes our past is not always as perfect as we would have wanted, but what we do with our future and what destiny we choose to follow is something we as an organization is most interested in.

By acknowledging our past, and being proactive in open and honest dialogue, empowers an individual to take charge of his destiny and become a powerful leader. The real life experiences some of our Delegates, both past and future, have learned may have evoked a pivotal change or shift in making that individual a strong and dynamic leader for today.

All the Delegates of the Worldwide Mr. Gay Competition are part of a proud and growing network all over the world. These men are our extended family and we are proud to have them part of our competition.  

The competition is looking for men that are passionate about their communities, are a strong leader, an excellent communicator and has the strength to face adversity head on. We struggle to promote tolerance, understanding, and acceptance.



31st July - 5th August 2013



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