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Mr Gay World back in Europe!

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Mr Gay World back in Europe!

The worldOutgames Antwerp 2013 and Mr. Gay World Organization join hands to organize Mr. Gay World 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium, August 1 – 5, 2013.

The Mr. Gay World (MGW) Competition is a Twenty First Century public performance where the delegates represent their nation as the best spokesperson and embody the spirit of their nation.

The Mr. Gay World Organization is aiming at creating a more positive image for gay men, to make a ‘difference’ and be accepted as human beings with equal importance along with straight people. Also, the organization having seen the growing number of AIDS cases in the world, it has committed its existence and gave its full support in fighting against the widespread of this dreaded disease.

Along with this, MGW seeks to fight discrimination and stigma within the gay community, empowers and raises the visibility of optimistic gay men as well as breaks barriers created by discriminative individuals and groups.

The president of Mr Gay World Mr Eric Butter is joined by six other gay advocates representing all the continents: Dean Nelson, Noemi Alberto, Tore Aasheim, Coenie Kukkuk, Aaron Comez and Alfredo Ferreyra. Together, they work for the upliftment of the image of the gay community all over the globe.

The competition takes place over an intense four days and includes various challenges including a photo challenge, sports challenge, fashion show/run way challenge, swim suit challenge, public speaking and a local outreach challenge where MGW is able to work with a local charity to give back to the community in hosting the competition.

The delegate chosen to represent his peers on a global stage will not only have the inner beauty of confidence, self-assurance, charisma and natural leadership abilities but he will also take care in his outward beauty. With these qualities in mind, the next Mr. Gay World will be elected, being a positive role model on the international stage.

The worldOutgames and Mr Gay World Organization are proud to collaborate by organizing the Mr Gay World 2013. The election will be included in the 3 pillars of the worldOutgames, and will be held from August 1st – 5th 2013, with the Grand Finale closing off the first weekend of celebrations of the worldOutgames on August 5th with a spectacular show.

A delegation of the worldOutgames Antwerp is now in South-Africa to attend the Mr. Gay World 2012 election, making contacts with delegates, organization and handing over of the flag. They will also meet with human rights activists and LGBT sports organizations.

The Belgian embassy and the Belgian ambassador Mr. Johan Maricou in South Africa also hosted a reception at the residence of the Belgian Consul, Mr. Karl Stouthuysen in honour of worldOutgames Antwerp 2013 and the Mr. Gay World 2012 election with its Grand Finale being held in Johannesburg on April 8th 2012.

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31st July - 5th August 2013



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