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The decision is Oslo!

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Friday February 6, the board of Directors decided that next year’s host city for Gay World Ambassador is Oslo, Norway.

Eric Butter, President of Mr. Gay World says: I just love Oslo, its unique location, architecture, the people, the scenery, without a doubt it was an easy decision to make. First, we were very impressed with the site inspection tour we took last year. Second, we were incredibly happy with the planning and the ideas that the local organizers laid out for us, and third, the professionalism of VisitOslo.

We also appreciate the openness and transparency in the Norwegian society. Norway has just passed a new law that no longer separates between gay and straight marriages, and the Royal family’s support for the fight against aids is also remarkable. We were overwhelmed with the fact that a member of the Parliament invited us into the Parliament itself for a cup of coffee and a chat, and that the Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, so whole hearted supports the event is very encouraging and promising”.

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This year’s executive producer in Canada Dean Nelson has long experience with hosting this kind of events, and so does the executive producer in Oslo Tore Aasheim, who along with Morten Ruda, the president of Mr. Gay Europe has build up a vital organization in the whole of Europe.

We hope that Gay World Ambassador 2010 is going to be a celebration in all of Oslo and we delighted with the chosen slogan “In the name of love!”

Have a look at the video presentation from Oslo that was shown at the Grand finale in Canada:

Do you like the soundtrack? Get the song here!


31st July - 5th August 2013



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