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Official program MGW 2009

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Official Program

With only a few days to go, young men all over the world are getting ready for MGW 2009 – here is their official program.

Mr. Gay World is the competition where the Delegates really come from all over the world; they fly in from their respective continents, countries and areas. The Delegates are proud to represent their local community and after the competition they are ready to go back home and be ambassadors for MGW, and of course this is not restricted to the one who at the end of the evening is crowned with a title.

Neither the jury nor the Delegates are in Canada for a lazy holiday, just check out their official program! We will get back to the different posts in the program later on, among other things we want to find out what the Eco Challenge is...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009  
Arrival to YVR International Airport - Transfer to Whistler 
4.00 PM  Delegate Check in to the Marriott Hotel in Whistler (Delegates only)
5.45 PM Meet in Lobby (Delegates only)
6.00 PM  Welcome Reception/The Oslo Dinner (Barefot Bistro)
8.30 PM Fittings & Walk-through for Fashion Show (Delegates only)
12.00 AM  Back to Hotel 

Thursday, February 5, 2009  
7.00 AM  Breakfast at Marriott Hotel (Delegates only)
8.00 AM  Show & Tell - delegates show costume (Delegates only)
9.00 AM  Morning Workshops with Guests (Delegates only)
10.30 PM  Lunch on Blackcomb (Delegates only)
2.00 PM  Rehearsal for Fashion Show (Delegates only)
6.00 PM  Swiss Reception at Bavaria House 
8.00 PM  Doors open - Silent Auction 
9.00 PM  FASHION SHOW (Whistler Convention Centre)
11.00 PM  Back to Hotel 
Friday, February 6, 2009  
7.00 AM   Breakfast at Marriott Hotel (Delegates only)
8.00 AM  Workshops: Public speaking & media (Delegates only)
10.30 AM Eco Challenge
1.30 PM  Lunch (Delegates only)
3.00 PM  Afternoon Talk: Equality, Respect, Life; What does it mean to be MGW? (Delegates only)
4.30 PM  Shopping; Dinner Challenge; (Delegates only)
7.00 PM  Dinner (Delegates only)
8.00 PM  Photo shoots & Free-time (Delegates only)

Saturday, February 7, 2009  
7.00 AM  Breakfast at Marriott Hotel (Delegates only)
8.00 AM  Photo Shoots & Interviews (Delegates only)
12.00 PM Lunch (Delegates only)
1.00 PM  Awards Rehearsal; (Delegates only)
4.00 PM  Photo Shoots & interviews (Delegates only)
6.00 PM  Dinner (Delegates only)
8.00 PM  MGW Grand Finale Award Show (THE WESTIN Resport & Spa)
10.00 PM  SNOWBALL after party with DJ Ana Paula (Rio) 
Sunday, February 8, 2009  
10 AM  Breakfast at Marriott Hotel (Delegates only)
11AM  Wrap Up Chat MGW 2009; Delegates depart for Vancouver (Delegates only)

(Subject to change on short notice)


31st July - 5th August 2013



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