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Press Conference in Johannesburg, Mr Gay World 2011

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Press Conference in Johannesburg, Mr Gay World 2011


A press conference for local media was recently held in Johannesburg to discuss Francois Nel's win as Mr. Gay World 2011 in Manila, as well as the hosting of the Mr. Gay World 2012 competition in Johannesburg during Easter 2012. It was attended by a nationwide 24-hour TV station, E-News as well as other mainstream media and members from the gay press as well as sponsors of the event like Chris Winspear from Chris Winspear Designer Jewellery and Bruce Walker who will be the Nightlife Entertainment Host of 2012. Coenie Kukkuk, from the organising committee of 2012, gave a basic background as to what the delegates in 2012 will busy themselves with e.g. sport activities, visits to the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill as well as to a game reserve for a safari. He also explained that the aim of the 2012 competition is twofold - to highlight the plight of LGBTI people across Africa as well as to give hope to LGBTI people themselves by showing them positive roll-models and what can be achieved it they persist. Questions as to what Francois will be up to for the rest of the year was also asked, and he answered that it is a great opportunity as it gives him time to see his projects be extended beyond his rule as Mr. Gay South Africa, which ends in Nov. 2010. He is looking forward to state the case of African LGBTI people in his travels to the different continents.

After the press conference, the PR team at Fairway Golf Resort and Spa, the official accommodation sponsor of the event, gave the media a tour of the villas where the delegates and organisers of the 2012 event will be staying, to much acclaim of those present.


Photographer, Luiz de Barros from


31st July - 5th August 2013



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