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Europe almost complete

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Five Delegates are on board, and Europe is almost complete! Michael Fröhle is Mr. Gay Austria and he is the 5th Delegate from Europe who ready to go to Canada in February 2009.

The Delegates is signing on from all over the world, and MGW 2009 is truly going to be a worldwide event. It is very important for MGW that the Delegates competing are from the country they represent (holding a passport from the country in question) and MGW also looks for genuine Mr. Gay title holders from the different countries.

In addition to this MGW rules and regulations also give the members of the Board a possibility to nominate a Delegate from a country that does not have any Mr. Gay competitions and where the gay rights have bad conditions. If you know of any person who could or should be that nominated Delegate, please make this person sign up with the official register form.

If you read this and come from a country where being gay is a crime or gays are discriminated, please let us know if you want to be nominated to take part in MGW 2009. Please remember that taking part in MGW also means your identity mentioned in press releases and photos taken and published all over the world. If you want to fight - MGW will give you a face, a voice and a way to get your message through! 





31st July - 5th August 2013



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