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What is The Mr. Gay World Organization for?

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Eric Butter, a philanthropist and a businessman envisions the organization to unite the gay community all over the world in a strong common cause.

In 2008, he founded the Mr. Gay World Organization (MGWO) with the hopes of creating a more positive image for the gay people, particularly the gay men to make a ‘difference’ and be accepted as human beings with equal importance along with straight people. Also, the organization have seen the growing number of AIDS cases in the world, it has committed its existence and gave its full support in fighting against the widespread of this dreaded disease.

Along with this, MGWO seeks to fight discrimination and stigma within the gay men community, empowers and raises the visibility of optimistic gay men as well as breaks barriers created by discriminative individuals and groups.

Butter is joined by five other gay advocates Dean Nelson, Noemi Alberto, Tore Aasheim, Coenie Kukkuk and Alfredo Ferreyra.

Together, they work for the upliftment of the image of gay community all over the globe.

With this advocacy, Mr. Gay World Organization continually welcomes partnerships and supports from like-minded individuals, groups or organizations since the organization is still on its infancy and needs further funding to implement its related projects such as the Red Ribbon Campaign.

Today, MGWO invites advocates worldwide to join us in this journey of making more meaningful lives for gay people.

To be an advocate, one can contribute by sharing one’s TIME, TALENT and TREASURE. To contact us, please click here.


31st July - 5th August 2013



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