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And then they were seven...

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Mr Gay World Board of members 2008

And then they were seven! The Board of Directors of MGW is not like an Agatha Christie novel – we down count down, we count up!


The Board of Directors of Mr. Gay World consists of seven members, each and everyone with specific tasks and duties.

During the Mr. Gay Ireland final in Dublin previous this fall, Eric Butter, previously a member of the board of Mr. Gay International, Dean Nelson, the Executive Producer of Mr. Gay Canada and Tore Aasheim, Executive Producer of Mr. Gay Europe met up in the Irish capital along with the President of Mr. Gay Europe, Morten Ruda and the Executive Producer of Mr. Gay Ireland and Mr. Gay Northern Ireland, Brian Merriman.

These five men, all coming from different gay scenes all over the world had one mission at that meeting; to create a truly worldwide gay event, a competition and a meeting place for ideas and thoughts, a place to exchange experiences and enthusiasm to work for equal and gay rights.

Mr. Ruda and Mr. Aasheim had been running Mr. Gay Europe for five years, Ruda even worked with Miss Universe, Mr. Butter had been working with Mr. Gay International for two years and Mr. Merriman and Mr. Nelson had years of experience of producing big national and international events and festivals.

It could not be stopped. After several meetings, exchange of opinions and some thinking and planning, the new baby was born; Mr. Gay World!

Just a short time later Ms Noemi Alberto from the Philippines and Carlos Melia was invited to join the Board of Directors. Mr. Gay World was on its way to become what the founders set out to make; an international gay event that could look for leaders and ambassadors for the gay communities around the world.

In February 2009 the first Mr. Gay World final take place in Whistler, Canada. Then the Board of Directors will have their first summit, and new members will be welcomed onboard. MGW seeks to be a professionally ran international organization based on democratic principles.  We have made the first steps and we are on our way!

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31st July - 5th August 2013



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