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Mr Gay International 2008 works for MGW

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Mr. Gay International 2008 Mr. Carlos Melia has chosen to start working for Mr. Gay World. He is a member of the Board and the Executive Director of Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Eric Butter expresses delight that Mr. Melia has made the decision to join the team of Mr. Gay World and is willing to but his passion and energy into the work of Mr. Gay World.

- We welcome Carlos Melia, Mr. Gay International 2008, to take part of the Board as Director of South America, Central America and Caribbean. We wish him all the best in scouting Delegates from that part of the world.

We had a brief chat with Mr. Melia and here are some of his points of few:

Why should anyone take part in MGW?

- Because we need to take charge, the gay community needs to have visible referents, needs true life icons from within our own community, whom endorse and support relevant issues, organizations and international events that concern, affect and directs destiny of our lives .

Unfortunately, the reality shows us that not every country or society in our world has become as welcoming or tolerant to the gay rights and lifestyle. So it is very important that from those countries like ours, that we live in a more favorable situation, we show the world that being gay is OK and much more than just a sexual preference. That is why I encourage potential candidates to participate, to take charge, to be proud and to speak out loud.   

Do we really need another pageant?

- Yes. I think, there is the need to have an event that congregates individuals of the gay community, from every corner of the world to get together, to represent the different realities of their countries and societies and to compete during four days for one common goal which is to become the leader who will take responsibility of being a spokesperson not only in his own community but on a global stage speaking out for equal and human rights.

There's been other contests and other events of similar content in the past, actually I was the winner of one of those, but as for my point of view yet none of those have been able to reach an unanimous international voice, representation, agenda and media exposure.

What can an event like MGW achieve?

- It can achieve awareness, set example, and give hope to many that still live within the closet or oppressed into their own fears either by external or internal issues. It can defy prejudice and show the world that it can be more than just another beauty pageant. That is what I hope it will turn out to be.

What is the most important challenge for the gay men of today?

- I think the main challenge that gay men have today is to be able to overcome their own egos, selfishness and to set free from the so to be stigma of being gay. The need to show the world that we are different when we really are not.... We are just and only one of the many different shades of the human race. I have always been against the ghettos, and have always chosen to live a life of mixtures.

I know that all these may sound contradictory, since I am speaking in favor of a gay contest, but as I have said before I am supporting the fact that we need to have visible referents, and that is not defined by how beautiful, muscular or tall you are, but by what ideals and motivations to fight and work in favor of those issues that need to be addressed, exposed and solved.  

Why have you chosen to work with MGW?

- Because I feel that we still haven't got there... because I think that we can do much more in favor of the Gay Community and our rights. Therefore once again I will devote time and work to make of MGW a better, but not the only, way to present and represent our community.

I know there is a big prejudice against events such as this, that they only care about the beauty and such. Despite I strongly disagree with that since beauty is only one of the qualities to be judge, I say this is one of the many ways to create awareness and help. Others choose to do it through politics, demonstrations or many other ways...  And we should welcome them all.

From your personal point of view, how is a perfect MGW winner?

- Charisma, proactively, leadership, appearance and communication skills. That would be the perfect package. But above all he needs charisma.

What have you done yourself to be a good role model for the gay society?

- I have tried. I am not sure if I have succeeded, to live a life without feeling different. Away from feeling a minority or living secluded in the paradigm of a ghetto I have offered my support and work to multiple events and organizations worldwide.

And I have as a business person shown the members of my society that being gay is OK and that we are as good human beings, professionals, sons or daughters etc as anybody else, and that the stereotype is far from reality.

What do you think is the biggest challenges for a competition like MGW?

- Prejudice. People feel that events like this are shallow and dull. They might turn out to become that. So it is important that be abide to our mission statement that the primary purpose of the Mr. Gay World (MGW) is to identify leaders who will take responsibility of being a spokesperson not only in his own community but on a global stage speaking out for equal & human rights.  MGW is a positive role model and will work on humanizing being gay in the media both queer and mainstream. 



31st July - 5th August 2013



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