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License agreements

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Mr. Gay Europe and Mr. Gay World are the original pan-European and global Mr. Gay competitions. Now they both introduces license agreements.

Mr. Gay Europe was first produced in 2005 and is now ready for its sixth annual consecutive competition. This makes it the longest running international Mr. Gay competition.

Mr. Gay World was founded in 2009 and will in 2011 be held in Asia, on its third year. It was previously held in North America then Europe, making it a true international event with a global reach.

All though different, both Mr. Gay Europe and Mr. Gay World work towards the same ideals and goals, and both competitions are looking for positive and healthy role models for young men in Europe and throughout the world.

From the year 2011, the Delegates representing their countries in Mr Gay World have to come from producers, organizers, organizations and events with a license agreement from Mr. Gay World. The license agreement is given to a person, organization or company which gets the right so send Delegates to the events.

Mr. Gay Europe and Mr. Gay World could not have grown and developed to such fine events without our skilled and professional producers and organizers. That is why the invitation to become licensed producers will go to those who have worked so hard to make these events happen first.

We are still one family and still working together as a group; we just need to get everyone a “birth certificate” to validate the relation.

We strongly feel that everyone who sends Delegates to Mr. Gay World should answer to a minimum of requirements, i.e. not using the competition to recruit models for pornography, to not start competing events, to use an unbiased jury, to have a transparent and fair selection of the winner etc.

As long as a licensee organizes national Mr. Gay competitions and fulfill the requirements in the agreement the license is automatically renewed. There will be an annual license fee, however for producers who participates for the first time the license fee will be waived.

Mr. Gay World feel it is inherent that the obligations and duties of the organizers and producers should be according to the quality and professionalism that we all should strive for.

Everyone who wants a license for their country need to send an email to and state

a) Country

b) Name of license holder /licensee (Person and/or organization)

c) Name of national competition

d) Contact email

e) Contact telephone number (both landline and mobile)

f) Contact postal address

g) A few lines about the competition, the mission and the background.

After getting these facts we will get back to the person or the organization that applies for the license with more information. As a license holder a person or an organization will be asked to guarantee to send a Delegate to the international finals, to make sure the Delegate has prepared for the finals etc. Those of the producers who have been with us for the last years know the practice already.

If for any reason a previous national producer does not want to commit to a license agreement we will take steps to make sure that we still get a legitimate Mr. Gay World Delegate from the country in question.

For questions and comments, please contact us at


31st July - 5th August 2013



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