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Chile: Pablo is ok!

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MGW 2010 Delegate Chilean Pablo Salvador Sepúlveda (30) is well and in good health after the earthquake early Saturday morning.

The MGW organization is relived and happy to learn that 2010 Delegate Pablo and his boyfriend are ok after the extremely strong earthquake that hit Chile this weekend.

Our thoughts go out to our brothers and sister who were affected by the catastrophe, to those who have lost friends and family and those who have lost their homes.

CNN reports: “As the sun set in Chile on Saturday, a picture of the immense structural damage wrought by an early morning earthquake had come clearly into focus, with the nation's president estimating that 2 million people had been affected in some way.

More than 300 people were killed, according to Chile's Office of Emergency Management, and 15 are missing.

The carnage from the 8.8-magnitude quake didn't begin to approach that unleashed by January's earthquake in Haiti, which left 212,000 people dead and more than a million homeless, even though it was considerably less forceful, with a 7.0 magnitude.

Saturday's quake was 700 to 800 times stronger, but at a greater depth -- 21.7 miles -- compared to the shallow 8.1-mile depth of the Haiti quake, which contributed to much of the damage there.”


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