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South Africa wins WMG

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CHARL VAN DEN BERG (26) from South Africa became the new Worldwide Mr. Gay i Oslo, Norway

It was the 26 years old South African Charl van den Berg who won the title Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway February 14.

Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010: CHARL VAN DEN BERG (South Africa)

1. runner-up: BYRON ADU (Australia)

2. runner-up: RICK  DEAN TWOMBLEY (Hong Kong)

3 runner-up: XIAODAI MUYI (China)

4. runner-up: SERGIO LARA (Spain)

The following made it to the top 10: THIAGO SILVESTRE (Brazil), WALTER HEIDKAMPF (Norway), DAVID NOEL BOSLEY (The Philippines), KAMIL SZMERDT (Poland) and DAVID BARAMIYA (Russia).


In addition the following prizes were awarded:

Mr. Gay Swimwear: DAVID BARAMIYA (Russia)

Mr. Gay Photogenic: DAVID BARAMIYA (Russia)

National Costume: RICK  DEAN TWOMBLEY (Hong Kong)


The follwing Delegates collected top score in the following disciplines:

Sports & Game: BYRON ADU (Australia) and KAMIL SZMERDT (Poland)

Congeneality: CHARL VAN DER BERG (South Africa), BYRON ADU (Australia), RICK  DEAN TWOMBLEY (Hong Kong), CÉDRIC FIEVET (Belgium) and WALTER HEIDKAMPF (Norway) (Five of the Delegates got the same number of votes from the other fellow Delegates)

Interview: CHARL VAN DER BERG (South Africa)

My Gay Story: BYRON ADU (Australia)

Administrative points: None of the Delegates lost any points because of not completing any of the challenges, not showing up in time, breaking any of the rules etc.

The panel of judges: (In alphabetic order) Carlene Ang Aguilar (The Philippines) former Miss Philippines Earth, Eric Butter (Australia), President of Mr. Gay World Ltd, Andrew Creagh (Australia), Founding Editor DNA Magazine, Jarl Haugedal (Norway) international businessman and entrepreneur, Will Kapfer (USA) journalist and Vice President, and Principal of Edge Media, Mirka Kraus (Poland) psychologist, specialist in clinical psychology, Max Krzyzanowski (Ireland), the first titleholder of Mr. Gay World, Bruce Tallon (The Netherlands) Chief Innovation Officer Consultant at Kempinski Hotels.

Photo: Stella Pictures/All right reserved


31st July - 5th August 2013



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