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Thank Gay it is Friday!

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Thank God it is Friday and the Worldwide Mr. Gay Delegate has the night off…

In the name of LOVE! Oslo is known as the city with the big heart – so come on over – show some LOVE!

We are of course talking about Friday night - FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12 - after some rough and tough days with interviews, missions and challenges the Worldwide Mr. Gay Delegates has the evening off. Well, almost…

Doors opens at ten at Ballroom, and if you did not get your ticket at Billettservice already, you might try to get a ticket at the door.

NEWSFLASH! The same weekend there is a big gay sport event in Oslo, and if you are one of the athletes and have been able to get one of those golden flyers you walk in for free – the perfect combination – athletes on the dance floor and hot Worldwide Mr. Gay Delegates on stage!

Yes! The Delegates will be on stage, showing off their swim wear and whatever else they have to offer!

On stage you will also see BELLA and her fabulous band HITPARADE. She is a blonde by birth and a faghag by choice – but boy - Bella knows how to throw a party on stage! But here is more!

When the heat is on to the max – “The Queen” enters the stage. Swedish hit machine and party queen VELVET is with us – and she is ready to make this Valentine’s weekend something to remember!

Click on TICKETS (left) and be sure to get a ticket- you even bump into Will Fennell - the aussie who comes all the way from "down under" to host the grande final the night after! See you there mates!


31st July - 5th August 2013



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