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Northern Ireland 2010

Drew Hanna (22) is Mr. Gay Northern Ireland and he is representing Northern Ireland in Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 22

Hobbies: I enjoy socialising with friends, clubbing, going to local pubs for drinks, a night on the sofa with DVD and bottle of wine, shopping, walking, going on holiday.

Profession: Estate Agent/Valuer and Part-Time Model

Role model
: I have no single person that I would call my role model, but like to follow a lifestyle of a type of person who is honest, upstanding in their community, not afraid to fight for their rights, caring, loving and accepting and always striving to succeed in life in whatever way they can.

Dream date: So often gay me are seen to be sexual beings only who find it difficult to be emotionally attached to someone, and often it’s said that gay men could never have a monogamous lifelong relationship. I however don’t believe this is true and hope to find that soul mate that I can spend my lifetime with.

Favorite moment in life: Winning Mr. Gay Northern Ireland and realizing the privilege to represent my country.

Zodiac: Libra

Relation status
: Single - but the question is -do I want to be?! This is up to you to find out!

Statement: I feel as the representative from Northern Ireland, our community still lacks full stature as a full known country and especially within the gay community, is still very closed minded to different cultures, opinions and ways of life.

I feel that i bring the confidence of someone who is openly gay in a broken, divided community to the competition. I come from a church built family and area, where living by religion is most important and i feel by representing my country in this competition i stand up for all those gay people who are afraid to be who they really are, and for those who are being told that being gay is wrong and can be fixed.

For years I had people try to fix my sexuality and help me to be straight, to the point I believed it and nearly got married to a girl, and so I feel it is so i mportant that tthere is someone to stand up for the young people in our community to say no this is not who they truely are and that they can live a full and fantastic life being gay.

I believe I should be awarded the title of Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 because of the cause I am prepared to stand for, and the voice I believe I can have within my community to reach out to those guys, especially teenager in both rural and urban communities in Northern Ireland and across the world who donæt have an undrstanding or a voice, and I am prepared to be that for them.








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