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Russia 2010

David Baramiya (25) is Mr. Gay Russia and he is representing Russia in Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 25

Hobbies: My hobbies are sports and cultivation of orchids. Sport is part of my everyday life, this is a big job and check willpower every day. In the gym I do not think about work, about business, I can rest. Here I do not need to pretend or play. At home I have a lot of orchids. I like to see how they grow and bloom, it means that they like in my house and I do everything correctly. In the evening I can sit in a chair and enjoy the view of flowers. 

Profession: I work for landscape designers. I make various projects of gardens and conservatories. I am engaged in planting and care for the gardens. I am very creative person, I love fantasy, I love to work with the land, change the appearance of the landscape, create new things and see how everything works harmoniously. I like when people are glad in the new garden and all of them are happy with my work.

Role model
: I admire a scholar, a great man, Charles Darwin. I know that there were manysimilar scientific pioneers, but I think that he was free to talk about the appearance of all people. Although at the time, the influence of the church was very strong and then allowed only to believe in God, the priests hated Charles. Darwin's theory was new and completely changes the perception of man and animals. Darwin helped people understand that we evolved from monkeys to fundamentally change people's attitudes in a short time. His ideas seemed crazy, because people want to think about the divinity of its origin, but not about the animal. Charles boldly expressed his hypothesis, he wrote many books. This theory still exists and it is taught in schools and universities. He was a very intelligent man and made many discoveries. The scientist traveled a lot, was sick, but continued to make scientific discoveries and collected all the new facts of the evolution of all beings on this planet. He was a true scientist! All the travel and labor, at that time were very dangerous and difficult, he has done a lot for people. I think he made appreciable contribution to the history of mankind.

Dream date: I will be trivial ... I would like to meet with a great actress, Vivien Leigh. I think she is wonderful, an interesting personality and just a beautiful woman. The ability to transmit images of the characters is amazing. In all the movies with her participation, she lived the life of heroes, not just playing a role. She was strong like a man, while playing a weak woman, her fate is tragic, but she endured all hardships. Magic Vivien makes all the heroines of the films in bright and unique characters. Almost every role was sinsatsiey and received awards, the ability to transfer characters of people I was always impressed by it. Vivian was known and popular, and she was always faithful to one husband, and not suffer stellar disease. The played comedy and dramatic roles, she also for a long time played in the theater. I would love to get to know her - listen to her stories, to know her views on life, just to drink a coffee. With this woman a whole epoch is gone.

Favorite moment in life: It is very difficult to choose or select one of the best moment in my life. This is the first real love, the first exit onto the stage, the first overnight stay in the woods, the first orchid that bloomed in my home, it is surprises,  friends, birthdays, happiness in the eyes of people close to me. I very well remember one moment, this story happend five years ago: On the street I sawthis big bird - an owl, it was sick. I brought it home, and treated it and fed it for a long time. In the summer I took it to the village. One day, I did not shut the cage, and the bird flew away into the forest at night. I am very upset. But to days later in the evening, the owl came back to me! I was afraid that it had died, so I was very happy! It was a very nice moment in my life, the bird was alive! From that moment I did not close the bird in a cage and it flew away every night, but returned in the morning. The bird was free and did not hurt, it was very beautiful, and the whole summer would fly home to me.

Zodiac: Virgo

Relation status: Single

Statement:I would like to take part in the contest because I want to live, speak, think and act freely. This is an opportunity to attract media attention, the public and politicians to the issue of gays in the world and in my country. Why should I be selected for the competition? I think that I am worthy to represent my country, the world, because I know how to speak correctly, look and talk. This is an opportunity to express myself and show that gay people are real, and there are many problems that require solutions.












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