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Mexico 2010

Jair Vega (34) is Mr. Gay Mexico and he is representing Mexico in Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 34

Hobbies: Going to the movies, musical theater and meet with my friends for dinner and just talk.

Profession: Computer system engineer and university teacher with a master degree in International Bussines

Role model
: Well, there are a lot of people famous and not so famous that I admire…. Family, friends… but I could say that any person proud of being it self or any people that works for our community is a good role model for me.

Dream date: As a dream… Since I was a child I have been in love with Spiderman! But for me, if the person with I am dating shares my smiles, tears, joy, anger, victories and defeats; then in that moment I have a dream date.

Favorite moment in life: If I have to choose one I would choose two! First, after telling my mother I am gay, one night I woke up and she was crying beside my bed, and I said to her "why are you crying?" And she said “because I want you to be happy”. “Mom I am happy being gay” in that moment she wiped her tears and said “then I am happy too” and she kissed my forehead.

The second moment was on last December, outside Mexican Congress, waiting with a lot of gay people and straight friends of our community, supporting and waiting for the approbation of modification of the marriage law in México, and then we receive the news… After all our efforts, our struggle, our support the gay marriage in our country is legal! We did it together and I want to spread and repeat this moment around the world as Worldwide Mr. Gay.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Relation status: In love!

Statement: It is wonderful and an honor for me to take part of this contest, because it is a great opportunity to show the world that the gay people we are persons that we love our countries, our people, we are part of the society, working for make a better place in our regions, we have dreams too…

I know that in the majority of countries is hard to be gay, in México we are having progress in the defense of our rights and our struggle against homophobia...I can share my experiences with the rest of the world … people has to learn that TO RESPECT THE OPTIONS OF OTHER ONES, IT IS ONE OF THE MAJOR VIRTUES THAT A HUMAN BEING CAN HAVE. THE PERSONS ARE DIFFERENT, ACT DIFFERENTLY AND THINK DIFFERENTLY. Do not judge - JUST UNDERSTAND. And for our community: Be strong, be brave… BE PROUD!
Sincerely, Jair Vega,
proudly Mr. Gay México 2009.













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