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Chile 2010

Pablo Salvador Sepúlveda (30) is Mr. Gay Chile and he is representing Chile in Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 30

Hobbies: I like to dance, write and read, and spend time with my family and friends, I also practice jogging and go to the gym.

Profession: I am high school, History and Corporative Comunication teacher, also I write in about politics, fashion and television and gay activist in HIV prevention and equality rights

Role model: Michelle Bachelet, because is a woman who suffered with the POLITICAL exile. She turned into the first woman Minister of Defense and after  President of the Republic. Today Bachelet finishes the government with very high approval. She is a role model because she has overcome big challenges as the male chauvinism, the prejudices, the economic crisis and personal important losses.

Dream date: It would be at the desertic Beach (because i really like it), with a guy who loves the sunset with two champagne glasses, strawberries, chocolates, etc.

Favorite moment in life: When i returned to Chile from Panama, i had 15 years. My father suffered political exile there because the dictature goverment of Pinochet in the seventies. My mom it´s from Panama and i have two nationalities. One of the most remarcable moments was when the airplane was landing and i saw for the first time ever, the beautiful Ande´s mountains. This was the begin of my new life and a meeting with some part of my personal story and that was very necessary to me.

Zodiac: Virgo

Relation status: In a happy relationship

Statement: I decided to participate in Mister Gay Chile because I saw in the contest  an opportunity to put some types of topics in Chile´s public agenda. At the same time, the fact to be a high school teacher caused a public discussion about the gay stereotypes. Conservatives thoughts, generally considered that negative, because it can be a bad influence for the students. Sadly in my country homophobia still exists. I think if I should be elected as Worldwide Mr. Gay  2010 I can be a good spokesman always fighting for equal Rights, especially in the South American region where is so much remains to advance.







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