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Norway 2010

Walter Heidkampf (50) is Mr. Gay Noway and he is representing host country in Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 50

Hobbies: My summer house, ancient Rome, fashion, lifestyle changes

Profession: Senior Health Officer at Helseutvalge, an health organisation for gay and lesbians.

Role model: Søren Andersson, President The Swedish federation for LGBT-rights (RFSL). He is an empathetic, courageous person with great ambition who obstinately work for human rights in a LGBT perspective in Sweden and internationally.

Dream date: The first step is to get acquainted, why not start over a coffee and see a movie together. If our feelings still sparkles the next step will be a cozy restaurant with a drink, good food and conversations about "life". And then after the restaurant visit and if interest persists, we head home and finish the evening in the name of love. Be safe be sexy!

Favorite moment in life: I can still remember as it was yesterday the bubbling joy when my dad gave me my first bicycle and the pride I felt when I rode to Grandma and Grandpa to show up. Wow!

Zodiac: Scorpio

Relation status: Delicious, gorgeous and single!

Statement: I ´m a 50 years old gay man living with HIV. Age and HIV – that is two of many reasons why I take part in the Worldwide Mr. Gay Competition.

"I have lived over 20 years with stigma, self –stigma, discrimination and prejudice against people with HIV. I’m no longer willing to compromise or negotiate my rights to my life, my freedom and equality in all areas.”

Role models who takes leadership in their lifes

A secure identity is a protective factor for HIV, alcohol and drug abuse. The sooner we get our identity on the spot, the greater the chances that we take care of ourselves and our health. Identity strengthening work and role models are therefore important. And here The Mr. World Ambassador competition has a place to fill.

With a mature experienced gay man as Worldwide Mr. Gay - who has taken leadership over his own life and are an asset to the society he lives in – the competition will contribute to improve a healthy and positive lifestyle of gay men around the world regardless of HIV-status.

I have the skills, education and experience to guide gay men in order to take leadership in their life and be good role models for others in the gay community.

Challenges turned into success

During my life I´ve had a few challenges that I have turned into a successful way of living. I “survived” my coming out-process as a gay man in the seventies. In 1989 I got HIV and lived with a death sentence that seven years later turned into a chronically disease. In the end of the 90´s I worked my way out of a drug abuse and I have now lived free from drugs for the past 5 years.

Devoted to work with the gay & lesbian community

Since 1994 I have dedicated my life working for gay and lesbian health issues in general and HIV-positive gay men´s life conditions in particular. I´m open about my HIV-status in all my affairs.

In my work at The Gay & Lesbian Health in Norway (Helseutvalget) I develop programs that raise awareness on negative behaviors, attitudes, develop skills and increase knowledge about the individual's internal capacity to develop and achieve goals, regardless of HIV status, being gay or lesbian, age or past abuse of drugs.

Open on HIV-status in all affairs

By my and others' openness on HIV-status, identity and sexual orientation, we offer the society and the gay communities worldwide, to get involved now! And to help shape positive attitudes, combat stigma and discrimination and encourage action to prevent further spread of

HIV and discrimination and who initiate participation and personal responsibility.

"As an open HIV-positive gay man, I would like to challenge society's citizens and the gay communities on the barriers that HIV can build in the form of ignorance, negative attitudes, prejudices, self-stigma, stigma and discrimination."

If this is some of the characteristics the new Worldwide Mr. Gay may have, then I am prepared. May the best man win! See you all in Oslo in February.

Lots of love,Walter Heidkampf – Mr. Gay Norway 2009

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31st July - 5th August 2013



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