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Will is ready for Oslo

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Met Australian TV-personality Will Fennell who is the international host for Worldwide Mr. Gay Grande Finale in Oslo Saturday February 13.

By age the age of 14, having grown up stealing his sister’s skin care and make-up to experiment with on his friends, Will Fennell, grooming expert for Channel Seven, knew his destiny was nothing less than “the pursuit of my own and others’ flawless complexions”!

The beginning

To realise his dream of everything “beautiful” Will moved at age 17 from his hometown of Coffs Harbour to Sydney, becoming the “only boy at beauty school”. Remember it was the early ‘90s, well before the term “metrosexual” had been coined and a time in history when a man’s beauty regime consisted of shaving and splashing on some Old Spice.

After completing his diplomas in Physiatrics and Aesthetics, and carrying out post-graduate education in Dermal Therapies, Remedial Massage, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy, he ignored all the advice he was given from his peers about the market for men’s grooming and in 1996 opened his first skin care clinic aimed at men.

He says, “Everyone told me it would never work, but I knew that all men needed was the ability to go somewhere that didn’t threaten their masculinity”.

Will still owns his very successful male-friendly clinic, “Will and Peta”, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with his best friend and business partner of more than sixteen years – Peta Friend.

A media career

Over the past decade, Will has moved past his focus on men and established himself as one of Australia’s leading beauty and grooming experts for both men and women. His career in media began in 1997 with a “small” grooming column for a local newspaper. Since then he has been published in several well-respected industry magazines, consulted for “Nivea for Men” on the national release of their “Sensitive” range and is the present national trainer for BIODROGA COSMETICS. He was a regular contributor on NOVA radio and is the current beauty/grooming editor for DNA magazine, a role that he is truly passionate about.

Will also has numerous television credits including Seven’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days as one of the team of make-over artists and as the “Grooming Guy” for Aussie Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (for Channel Ten). He presently appears as a regular beauty and grooming expert on Seven’s The Morning Show and has an afternoon beauty segment each day on NEW IDEA TV for Seven.

TV presenting has provided Will with an opportunity to reach a wider audience with his passion for skin care and grooming and share with them the wealth of information he has.  His presenting style is naturally dynamic and he works as well in a taped studio setting as in live situations with or without a studio audience.  To hone his skills Will has been continuing his media training at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts).

His passion

Will knows first-hand the impact troubled skin can have on a person’s self-esteem, having suffered from terrible acne as a teenager.

“When you have been through the trauma of bad skin you truly know what hating your own reflection does to a person’s self-confidence. My love affair with grooming and beauty began with a desire to help people who were going through what I had experienced.”

Even after weeks of filming for 10 Years Younger in 10 days, Will was clearly touched when the couples on the show saw their remade selves for the first time.

“On day 10 the person we had been “making over” gets to see him or herself in a mirror. When I see the look on their faces, or the tears in their eyes, that is when I know I am a part of something magical.”

“Showing people their true potential and then giving them the tools to keep on this path is why I love what I do, it’s my passion”.

What is next?

With his increasing media presence during 2009, Will has been forming strategic relationships with a number of well known brands.  He became the face of not only Florsheim’s  “Stacy Adams” footwear line aimed at the young stylish urban professional but also became the face of the Aussie belt icon “Buckle”. Will is excited to continue his association with these companies into 2010.

2010 will also see Will work on several new TV projects with Channel Seven, host the finale of Mr. Worldwide Gay in Oslo, Norway and continue his role as an Ambassador with the RSPCA.  Finally Will has been working on his signature product line (his “baby” as he calls it ) that will be launched early 2011.

However, no matter how busy he gets he will always take time to sit back with a freshly applied cucumber face mask and his dog Jessica (who at 13 is heading into her twighlight years) on his lap to soak up the simple pleasures of life – away from making people beautiful - because in the end for him that’s what true happiness is all about!


31st July - 5th August 2013



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