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Brazil 2010

Thiago Silvestre (25) is Mr. Gay Brazil and is representing Brazil in Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 23

Hobbies: I like reading, but a good book for me must be fun and informative. I do not like commonplaces neither self-help books. I'm fascinated by everything that is linked to arts. I consider myself a music addict. Music can give a special meaning for important moments. Parties? I love it! Dancing and meeting interesting people. I love to work out. It is awesome to body and mind. I feel relaxed when going to the gym.

Profession: I am a student of Countable Sciences graduation

My role model: It's important to have people we admire and that makes us think. Here in Brazil I admire many people who fight against prejudice likeLuiz Mott of the Grupo Gay da Bahia, the designer and activist Carlos Tufvesson,  Beto de Jesus Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean of ILGA - International Lesbian and Gay Assotiacion, among others.

And more recently, I saw the film showing the history and struggle of the American Harvey Milk that touched me a lot for your wonderful work, fight for rights to homosexuals and bravery facing police and homophobic people.

Dream date: I think we all want to find someone with whom we can share everything in life. Nowadays it is so difficult because relationships are very superficial. But I'm sure the dream date is meeting somebody that understands you, support you and share with you all the moments of joy, sadness, ups and downs. This is true love.

Favorite moment in life: That's when my father, after knowing my sexual orientation, said that he wanted my happiness, and respected my character, then he came  to the city where I live and a time set aside especially to see me and a give me a hug. My happiness was great because our relationship was a little cold and distant. But today is wonderful.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Marital status: -

Statement: I believe many people would like to be immortal. Mainly through their achievements that bring something good for the human kind such as social changes or the cure of diseases. These men mark their passage through the world with great achievements, defending ideas, changing habits and thoughts. Perpetuating their work for generations to come, contributing to a better world. I believe I'll be able to make a difference in the history of the gay community using the image of Gay Ambassador to attract the attention of society, legislators and law enforcers, to seek for solutions to the main issues of our community, change concepts and raise the image of the glbt community to the level of respect and consideration we deserve. I'm sure I would be a good Ambassador, adding a value to this important title. I will take part actively in social projects requiring that governments, and even the UN, respect the principle of equality of rights.














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