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Belgium 2010

Cédric Fievet (26) is from Belgium and is representing Belgium in Worldwilde Mr. Gay 2010 in Oslo, Norway.



Age: 26

Hobbies: Media, music, movies, city trip, contemporary arts

Profession: Media production manager gay events, co-manager in a club, radio & television host

My role model:

Dream date:

Favorite moment in life


Marital status:

Statement: This election aimed to the spread of worldwide ideas of equality and tolerance; in other words: respect and protection however your religion or your serology in any single place of the world we live in. Communication and explanation are the key for a better understanding of our discrepancies. A radical change to the collective mentality has to be set up.

First of all I ‘m fortunate to live in a country where laws are open to homosexual rights, even if the narrow-minded people are everywhere, I do have a chance of justice. Brussels is my city, the heart of Europe. Belgium is very cosmocultural and has learned to be tolerant with three national communities and a sense of compromises. On the other hand I don’t ignore by travelling a lot abroad that those rights, because we’re talking about right and not about privileges, are rare and precious!

Also by experiencing life in an very anti-homosexual city (5 months on the west coast of Africa), exchanging meanings and opinions I have another approach. Naivety got improved into a different thought, a long and hard process to begin by now! This is means a positive change of the perception of homosexuality avoiding the rejection of culture or interventionism in the name of morality’s sake. I would promote and encourage the gay identities as art, as culture, as everything as long as it is affirmative, as long as it is open minded.

I don't want to support any movement that tends to set it apart because United we stand, divided we fall. We, gay men and women, haven't to shame of who we are! We have to prove the validity of our rights again and again, until they will be seen as obviousness. We have to be proud! But let us not put the cart before the horse, of course such wrongdoings are nowadays unconceivable, by acting in a rush we will get nowhere. Please do have trust, if you want your dreams to come true, don't oversleep. All together, we are all extraordinary people!
















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